Vision Statement:
First Presbyterian Church is 
the Church with HEART
in the HEART of Willmar
Mission Statement:
First Presbyterian Church is
a caring and compassionate community of God’s children
in the heart of the city, welcoming all people
and striving to work together to be Christ’s hands and feet,
spreading the good news of God’s love throughout the world.



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News and Events


Sunday, April 23rd
8:45am      Adult Education
9:00am      Sunday School
10:00am     Worship
11:00am     Fellowship

Tuesday, April 24th
7:00am       Men's Bible Study

Wednesday, April 25th
7:00am        Women's Bible Study
6:00pm        Gospel Rock/Youth Group
6:00pm        Youth Gospel Ringers

Thursday, April 26th​​​
6:00pm        Music Team
6:30pm        Session

Sunday, April 30th
8:45am       Adult Education
9:00 AM     Sunday School
10:00am     Worship
11:00am     Fellowship




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