“A Song for the Ages: Listening for God in Advent”


We were blessed to have a houseful for Thanksgiving. After the turkey dinner, Grandma Cramer gathered us all around the piano, and with guitar, trombone, saxophone, and voice we had a song-fest. We sang the songs of Christmas. Some sacred: Silent Night; It Came Upon the Midnight Clear. And some just silly fun: The Grinch, anyone? It was a sweet moment for our family, with voices blending in harmony and Grandma playing the songs of Christmas by heart with no need of a songbook, and the bright instruments lifting our spirits



I confess that my spirit needed a bit of lifting. And these good old songs of the ages were just the thing to do so that evening. What is it about the songs of Christmas that inspires such devotion? It’s because they point to the hope we have in Jesus: that God is with us in Christ; that love came down to walk among us; that peace, hope, joy, and love are forever, the true fabric of our existence. And these songs tell the story of just how God made these things so, in a humble stable, on an ordinary night, to an ordinary couple, in an obscure corner of the world.


This Advent season, we’ll be remembering and rehearsing these beautiful truths of Christmas as we rehearse these sacred Songs of the Ages and Listen for God in Advent. This newsletter includes a devotional calendar so that you can listen for God in a different familiar song each day. Each Sunday, we will join our voices together singing the songs that comfort and inspire. We hope you’ll join us as we celebrate the coming of Christ anew this year:


December 2nd: “Songs of the Faithful”

December 9th: “Songs of Hope”

December 16th: “Songs of Love”

December 23rd: “Songs of Joy”

December 24th: “A Song for the Ages”


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Scott






  Upcoming Events and Special Services:
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Sunday, December 9th at 11am: Youth Group Christmas Party
Saturday, December 15th at 10:30am: Christmas Program Practice with Pizza, as well as VOICE Deadline
Sunday, December 16th at 9am: Christmas Program Practice in Sanctuary
Sunday, December 16th at 10am: Christmas Program during Worship
Wednesday, December 19th at 6pm: Christmas Caroling for all!!

Christmas Eve Services and Times:

Join us…..

“Christmas Eve: A Song for the Ages:”

Carols, Candlelight and Communion

5:00pm & 10:00pm



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News and Events


Saturday, December 8th
10:00am      Youth at LuLu Beans

Sunday, December 9th
2nd Sunday in Advent

8:45am         Adult Ed
9:00am        Christmas Program Practice
10:00am      Worship
11:00am      Fellowship

Monday, December 10th
Annual Report Deadline

Tuesday, December 11th
7:00am       Men's Bible Study
11am-2pm   College Meal
5:30pm       Personnel
6:30pm       Deacons

Wedneday, December 12th
7:00am       Women's Bible Study
6:00pm       Gospel Rock/Confirmation/ Christmas Program Practice
6:00pm       Explorers
6:30pm,      Buildiings and Grounds
7:30pm       Youth Group

Thursday, December 6th
10:00am     Women's Fellowship at McMillian's
6:30pm       Music Team

Saturday, December 15th
10:30am      Christmas Program Practice with pizza after

Sunday, December 16th
3rd Sunday in Advent

8:45am          Adult Ed
9:00am          Christmas Program Practice
10:00am        Worship/Christmas Progam
11:00am        Fellowship


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